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The media elite As we have already concluded that the media do not occur by themselves, remains to accept that global elite create media. The concentration of power necessarily includes the concentration of media ownership, because it allows the manipulative use of media in order to provide power in society or group. The effects on media audiences is becoming a privilege of the elite that control the media manage to sell their ideas, opinions and attitudes. This action favors the elite difficulty getting around and inexperience "average" person in communication processes. In this way the elite affects the public, which imperceptibly lead to the desired and planned responses. In every society there are different elite: ruling elite (consisting…show more content…
Under the elites could entail a certain, specific "excellence" that allows individual recognition and prominence. In our social environment under the "excellence" often mean features such as resourcefulness, shuffle or conformity. According to the theories of the elite, the society manages closed minority, which has a dominant role over the masses. Elite exercised its dominance over the ideas expressed and symbolized "the use of the masses" and thus becomes one of the important subjects in the social sphere. The influence of the elite in a society is, undoubtedly, very important because it is an elite group that controls the media and shaping human…show more content…
The dominant groups in society still provide "feelers" to the media. Multinational companies are well acquainted with the mechanism of the conquest of global governance: the control and always control. In addition to the dominant position and control of market goods and services, and financial markets, the development of global media elite ruthlessly conquered market of information too. Only by putting the information under control, they can be sure that global public will listen, watch, and do not ask anything. According to the theories of the elite, the society manages closed minority, which has a dominant role over the masses. Elite plays an active role in shaping the attitudes of society. In her hands is the power to make decisions and direct the social mainstream. The very concept of power implies a relationship between individuals or social groups. But the society survives and functions thanks to the systems of power and authority. Mass communication are not active participants in the decision making process but a tool that is used by elite to guide and facilitate the smooth running of the decision-making process. At a media program content are most affected by the dominant group in

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