Media Essay: Causes And Effects Of Social Media Effects

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SOCIAL MEDIA EFFECTS Social Media is an online Application used to share stories and communicate with others people. Social media is commonly used in computers or on mobile phone. The example of social media are instagram , line , kakao talk , twitter , facebook , we chat , bee talk , etc. Social media also has a good and bad effects for its users and make various pros and cons about social media. And , what is the effects of social media. Almost everyone uses social media in different part of the world. But many people do not understand the effects and functions of social media. But its very important for someone to know the function and effects of social media. Because by knowing , we can avoid the bad social media effects. Social Media has a bad effect for its users because by using social media. A person can become lazy and tend to delay work. And also some people tend to waste time because of using social media in excess. And worse still if someone keeps delaying the job he may forget his job. Social Media will make someone into an anti social person. If someone is using social media too often. He can be someone who is anti social. Because he feels social media is everything to him and he does not care about the people around him. People like this tend to be quiet and only active in social media because he does not care…show more content…
In addition to having a bad effects, social media also has a good effects. the bad effect is a person can be lazy and tend to delay work , become anti social , and cyberbullying. And good effects is more easier to communicate with other people , easily to share and seek information , and also be a source of employment and source of income for a person If we use social media carefully, we maybe able to avoid the negative effects of social media. it is all depends on how we use it. And we should be more wise in using social media and be careful in socializing in social

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