Media Essay: How Social Media Affect People

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How social media affect people Social media and social networking are the technologies that have turned the way information is transferred or created. Social media has developed content influence as an efficient method to make separate identity of the brand. Individuals are now greatly influenced by the social influence because of the social content, and social network and consumers. Social media is constantly influencing them. Social media has provided mobile, web technology and a wide range of opportunities for the people who are also affordable. Social media is a tool of computer that allows the creation, sharing and exchange of information and ideas images and videos on a network. Social media helps to share information on the virtual communities. Social media plays an important role in lives of people. It is imperious part of lives of people all around the world. People can connect to…show more content…
Many sites are helping to enhance this communication by adding innovative ideas. People can share large plans of their events and occasions and even can plan easily far sitting far away. Networking on social media provides an outlet for communication. Each person now a day uses social media whether it is an organization, student, banker, business or a parent. Social media includes internet, computers, monitors, mobile phones and many other things. It is helpful in the situations when people cannot arrange specific meeting to discuss anything they just make a video or audio call and discuss everything they want. Students are at great advantage as a lot of study material related to every subject of life is available on Internet. Social media has provided access to many devices. One can access the Internet through tablets, computer, mobile phones, smart phones and many other devices. It has made lives easier. Social networks available can increase productivityonline (GAO, Barbier, & Goolsby,
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