Media's Negative Effects On Youths

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The youths in the world today faces a major crisis that was defined by a psychologist known as Eric Erickson known as identity and role confusion. The media has had a great contribution to this but it is also not solely responsible. This is certain because the media is not only leading to role confusion and identity crisis but it also leads to positive impacts to the lives of the youths. The media which includes the press and the social media has become one of the major pre-occupation for the young generation who spend several hours or almost all of their free time in their phones and television sets (McLean, Paxton and Wertheim, 2013). The media has been responsible in promoting a false body image of youths and adolescents who often compare…show more content…
Some of them have developed from bad influence such as peer pressure while others have developed from bad practices and activities from the press and celebrities and social figures who often try to make vices to look so appealing. The media is so much responsible of brain washing youths who don’t have a very strong grip on life. It may lead to a variety of influences such as moral decadence, distorted body image and betraying…show more content…
It is so common in social sites where youths show their strengths. The latter tend to compare themselves against the ones they see on social media and they may develop an inferiority complex if they feel that they don’t compare with the ones they see on social media. They also feel anxious of their future and how their bodies would change with age. When youths post images on face book and other sites, they get different comments both negative and positive. They tend to focus on the negatives more, if the general public opinion is negative about them, they may tend to develop negative thoughts about themselves, this in turn lowers their belief in themselves, their self-esteem and the negative thoughts may prompt them to do more harm on their bodies as they try to change their bodies to fit the public opinion. The body image anxieties may make youths who feel challenged to become passive and develop social groups and friends who they feel free to affiliate with by belonging to similar social

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