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This essay aims to discuss how different kinds of print media text sources promote certain types and ideologies of femininity. This essay will make use of the concepts and methods found in Units 1 and 3 to analyse and interpret the chosen South African media texts. The essay will first discuss why print medium as a source was selected and the importance of it. Secondly, the essay will define the feminist ideology, followed by an explanation of how the selected medium perpetuates this ideology. The essay will continue to give a description of the selected medium source, followed by an analysis of it. Thus this essay will demonstrate how media sources interpellates its audience and how they are able to communicate their messages through the usage…show more content…
Ideologies are defined as the shared beliefs, feelings, idea and social values that a group has on a particular issue thus establishing a world-view (O’Shaughnessy & Stadler, 2002: 176). According to Karl Marx, the dominant ideologies are held and circulated by the ruling class within a society (O’Shaughnessy & Stadler, 2002: 177). The two media texts come from magazines that are specifically aimed at women. This medium serves as a platform for various ideologies to be perpetuated through owing to the topics that address women’s needs and wants (). This is evident as magazines have the tendency to communicate ideas of labour and pleasures (such as having children, getting married) that are linked to the notion of femininity (Gill, 2008:183). They are also able to circulate a language of individualism that emphasizes the importance of the self at the expense of social and political struggle (Gill, 2008:183). Magazines are therefore able to indoctrinate, persuade and influence how women approach and handle their lives (Gill, 2008: 183). They achieve this by addressing their readers as equals and as acquaintances that allows for a personal relationship therefore making magazines appear trustworthy and believable (Gill, 2008: 183). They play on women’s vulnerable nature for wanting the ‘perfect’ life, skin, man, career and appearance (Gill). These…show more content…
The advertisement is advertising the Lux beauty product range (see appendix 1). A male and a female are the focal point of the advert where the male is standing behind the female and caressing her shoulder and looking down at her (see appendix 1). The female appears as if she is luring the male, which is suggested by the way she is looking over her shoulder and the positioning of her hand on her shoulder (see appendix 1). The caption of the advert states, “Ignite the Spark...with fragrance that whispers hold me and skin that says caress me.” (See appendix

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