Media And Conflict Analysis

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This research project intends to use an explanatory approach, by reviewing both primary data and existing data regarding the research topic; the role of media in conflict management. Essentially, the researcher intends to explain phenomena based on a cause and effect model. As mentioned in the introduction chapter, the two primary variables under consideration are media and conflict management. The study focuses on the extent to which the media contributes to conflict; escalation and de-escalation roles. In essence, the study purposes to analyze and evaluate the influence of the media on its audience during conflict. The study narrows down to the media roles before, during, and after the 2007/2008 Kenya PEV. The chapter explores the overall…show more content…
As mentioned in the introduction chapter, the research will be conducted in Nairobi County, narrowing down to Starehe Constituency.
The chosen research site adds value to various aspects of the study. To begin with, the site adds value to the significance of the study as the geographical location poses as a great source of diverse views from the city’s residents regarding media and conflict management in the Kenyan context. Besides, the constituency boasts of harboring major mainstream media houses which are a key contributor to the study’s research objectives. Further, the chosen research site aids in overcoming some of the foreseen limitations such as time and financial constraints. The region is within the researcher’s reach hence the convenience. Finally, the site adds value to some of the assumptions of the researcher. For instance, the interviews will be conducted based on the availability of willing participants. Similarly, questionnaires will be issued to respondents who can be conveniently reached via mobile phone or email. The proximity aspect of the site gives the researcher ample time to conduct a comprehensive data collection exercise, as well as evaluating the validity of the participants’
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The researcher will conduct a critical qualitative analysis of the manner in which the media contributed to the 2007/08 PEV in Kenya. The study will analyze existing information attributing conflict escalation or de-escalation to media coverage and reporting.
3.8 Instrument validity The chosen research instrument, questionnaires and interviews are bound to attain validity as they are constructed in a way that addresses the key variables of the study - media and conflict management (Csikszentmihalyi & Larson, 2014). Despite the numerous questions outlined in both research instruments, the researcher is certain that data gathered will be valid, as the focus is on the research problem.
3.9 Reliability The research instruments are reliable. Previous researchers have employed the techniques to explore the field of media and conflict management and their results have indicated stability and consistency (Csikszentmihalyi & Larson, 2014). The researcher, therefore, is positive that the study's data will also be

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