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The Print Media
Print media as stated is said to be the industry linked with the printing and distribution of news through newspapers and magazines. Before the technology arises, print media is the main source of news and information about what the people need to know. In connection to this, print media in advertising is the form of advertising wherein they are using magazines, newspaper and other medium to advertise (Linton, 2016) a certain company or product. The good thing about advertising through print media is that you can write every detail that is needed in order for you to advertise cleverly.
• Magazine– It gives the advertisers wide-ranging choices of readership and frequency as well.
• Brochure – It is one of the medium that is included in print media. Through this, we can show what is inside the company we are advertising or what is about the product we are into.
• Flyers – This is a one-page medium wherein the information should be direct and the words or phrase should catch the attention of the readers.
• Leaflet – This is similar to flyers but there are some differences about them. One is in terms of putting information, you can write down more detailed information in leaflets rather than in flyers.
• Poster and Tarpaulin – Creativity is one of the process to caught the attention of the audience. Posters and tarpaulin must be made creatively and wisely the information and catchy words should be there.
• Billboards – Just like poster and tarpaulin,
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