Media In The 1920's

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In the 1920’s American media was rapidly changing. Movies were getting sound and becoming much scarier. Jazz and Delta Blues were becoming more and more popular. Also, radio shows were starting to pop up in small towns and there were stories being told over the radio. Overall, there was entire revolution in media.
Movies were having some of the biggest changes. They were switching from silent to sound. Some of these revolutionary movies were “Frankenstein”, “Nosferatu (A Symphony of Horror)”, and “The Invisible Man”. “Nosferatu” was revolutionary in the fact that it was scarier than other movies of it’s time. “Frankenstein” is famous for touching on sensitive topics such as playing God. Then there is “The Invisible Man” showed power can corrupt
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Two examples of these are the War of The Worlds radio broadcast panic and the Amos ‘n Andy show. In 1938 America was sent into a panic when a news report came on the radio saying Martians had invaded. This, of course, wasn’t real it was just a radio reenactment of H.G. Welles’ famous novel performed by Orson Welles. Then there is Amos ‘n Andy which was one of the first comedic radio shows. Unlike today you were allowed to be incredibly racist in anything you wanted, Amos ‘n Andy took full advantage of this fact and ended up getting a TV show in the 50’s. In the broadcast two white men would pretend to be two black men and using blackface to imitate them. To conclude, radio shows were incredibly different different when you compare them to radio shows now.
Finally, the media industry was infinitesimally different compared to now. To us now their movies wouldn’t be scary at all, but they were bone chilling to people then. Their music was also largely different though some music still has its roots in Jazz and Delta Blues. Also, radio now is supremely different in terms of racism where now if you say anything that could be perceived as racist that person is fired, but back then if you were blatantly racist you were hired. As time moves on, times also
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