Media In The 21st Century

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Media is regarded as the most powerful weapon of 21st century. It is as fatal a weapon as a nuke. It has the potential to alter day into night and night into day, a hero into a villain and a villain into hero. Media has brought revolutions in the world and has transformed the globe into a global village. It has almost erased the geographical boundaries, removed the barriers of social, political and cultural differences and as a result this diversified world has been reduced to remote control. Media 's role in education, awareness, opinion formation and entertainment is so diversified in its horizon and domain that one thing is clear and decided that the tides of media cannot be reversed, however, they may be altered in nature and composition. The role of media has also become a one mode of trading and marketing of products and prejudices. Society is influenced by media in so many ways. It is the media for the masses that helps them to get information about a lot of things and also to form opinions and make judgments regarding various issues. It is the media which keeps the people updated and informed about what is happening around them and the world. Everyone can draw something from it. The rapid revolution in the technology has made the world a global village. We communicate to connect with the people in this global village. There are many mediums of communication. Among these mediums electronic media is the most important, popular and commonly used medium for

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