Media In The Modern World

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‘We cannot escape the media. They are involved in every aspect of our everyday lives’ - Silverstone 1999. What is media? Living in the modern world, we are constantly confronted with the media. They are so firmly established in our daily life, that we can not even imagine our existence without them. The rapid development of information technology, which began in the middle of the 20th century, laid the foundation for the formation of a completely new type of society - the information society. The mass media occupy a special place in the development of society. In the modern period of the development of society, the successful solution of political, economic and social problems increasingly depends on the action of such a subjective factor as the social activity of the individual. An important role in the formation of activity is played by the mass media. The growing role of the press, radio and television in the public life of the country is evidenced by their rapid growth, the prevalence and accessibility of the mass media. The printed and spoken word, the television image, are capable of reaching the remotest regions in the shortest possible time, penetrating into any social environment. The mass media is a powerful force for influencing people 's consciousness, a means of promptly delivering information to different parts of the world, the most effective means of
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