Media In Vietnam War Essay

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In the time frame of the Vietnam war there were a collection of sources of media to explain what was going on with the troops and the war itself. The media could be a clarification of the land of Vietnam. A song recorded by the band named The Animals gives a sturdy explanation of the layout of Vietnam that will be discussed later on. Before getting into the media, what was the Vietnam war and how did the United States get involved in it? The Vietnam war was a very long, costly conflict to stop the communist of North Vietnam spreading to southern Vietnam. The United States got wrapped up in this war because they wanted to prevent communism spreading to different areas in the world. As stated above, one of the sources of media used was the…show more content…
That wasn't the only problem though, most of the troopers that got drafted didn't want to be in this war against North Vietnam. The song " I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag", sung by Country Joe and the Fish is an honorable example of how the citizens were feeling during the time of war. This song was created based on how the American citizens viewed the Vietnam war. The loved ones of the general population were being drafted and dying for a complication that the government tried to fix. The purpose of this song was to make it clear to the government what was actually happening in the eyes of the public. Millions of lives would have never been lost if the government didn't get America in this terrible…show more content…
The Ohio national guard was sent to Kent state campus related to making decisions on the involvement of Americans in the war. Students that attended Kent state have formed a anti-war rally on May first. The protest leaders gathered together once again to form another rally. The shots were fired after the protesters began to throw rocks. The creation of this picture was to show how dramatic the impact of the shootings was on the people. The purpose of this photo was to show how the war has effected the
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