Media Inequality And Perpetentation

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7. Systems of discourse, ideology and representation help shape both how we view the world, and how we believe we should act in relation to it. The media plays a particularly powerful role in this respect. Please discuss the significance and implications of media representations and discourses for perpetuating or challenging inequality and oppression, in relation to one of the following themes: b) Gender and work. “There is an unbecoming arrogance in assuming that international human rights organizations or other always know better than those directly involved, and therefore can take actions that fly in the face of their express wishes” Quoted by Imam and Medar-Gould, Jagger (2005), it shows evidence of aloofness within our society whereby we believe that is we support and charity organization or cause the problem will effectively just vanish. We are also under the mindset in our society that we are now living in an equalitarian society. Sadly this is not the case. Regardless of the fact this is a twenty-first century women in the work place are still under-valued and under-paid. The media does no favours in promoting women to enter the workforce neither. Majority of the sources used up-to-date statists, which have been received in the last five years. We can no longer just believe that if there is a charity or organisation in place that the problem of inequality will vanish. We must know the facts and try eradicating inequality in all societies for good. The major way

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