Gender Inequality In The Media

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7. Systems of discourse, ideology and representation help shape both how we view the world, and how we believe we should act in relation to it. The media plays a particularly powerful role in this respect. Please discuss the significance and implications of media representations and discourses for perpetuating or challenging inequality and oppression, in relation to one of the following themes: b) Gender and work.

“There is an unbecoming arrogance in assuming that international human rights organizations or other always know better than those directly involved, and therefore can take actions that fly in the face of their express wishes”
Quoted by Imam and Medar-Gould, Jagger (2005), it shows evidence of aloofness within our society whereby
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Issues such as politics, criminal justice or technology are areas which is a male dominated area. Female Journalist often report of topics such as lifestyle, culture and health rather than politics and criminal justice. Only 32% of women report on criminal justice news compared to 45% of males. Only 16% of women aged 65+ would get cited as an expert in their field where as 50% of men get cited as experts. The nation’s three most prestigious newspapers and four newspaper syndicates, male opinion page writers outnumbered women 4-to-1
In whole, men dominate the media in every aspect. Gender inequality can be seen in print on television and online across all media outlets and in all topics covered by the news. The bottom line is men represent 63.4% of the media where as women only represent
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These areas include the large scale manufacturing industries such as textiles or electronics but also in small scale industries, or informal sector, such as garment manufacturing. Miles (1986) points out how a new strategy has been put in place to increase income-generated enterprises among the working women of the global south, and to link this enterprise to areas of the women’s work to the world market. The third area in which women are integrated in recent times to the global market economy is through agriculture. Women have been assimilated into different aspects of the agricultural sector theses include the production of large scale cash crops, work on

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