Media Influence In Man On The Moon

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“Man on the Moon” is a biographical movie with a drama and comedy genre about the late American entertainer, actor, and performance artist named Andy Kaufman. The movie debuted on 22nd of December 1999, the movie length went on for 1 hour and 58 minutes. This movie was written by Scott Alexander along with Larry Karaszewski and the movie was directed by a Czech film director, Milos Forman. This movie was nominated for 22 nominations on many awards on different categories and has won 5 awards which are golden globe for the best performance by an actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical (2000), OFTA Film Award for the best titles sequence (2000), Prism Commendation award for the theatrical feature film (2000), Berlin International Film Festival Award for the best director (2000) and it also won the BSFC award for the best actor (1999), which is Jim Carrey who played the leading role as an American comedian, Andy Kaufman. There are other big stars that plays in the movie, such as Courtney Love, Danny DeVito, and many others.

The motive of this movie is to preserve the memory of the existence of the American comedian, Andy Kaufman, and also this movie is trying to show people the other side of Andy Kaufman. Those 2 reasons that I mention above wasn’t the only intention of this movie, another purpose of this movie was to warn people how strong media’s influence is to the society like what Andy Kaufman did. He kept on messing people’s mind through his stand up comedy, it’s his way to proof people that facts can be turned around by media.

In this movie, Jim Carrey stars as
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Conflict theories is a theory where there are classes in the society. Some classes are more superior and have more control than the other. In this case, mass media is the one who have control because it controls people’s mind, so in a way, media are in control of the society and how it should
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