Politics: The Role Of Social Media In Politics

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In the society we live today we are being driven by technology and with that the media, not just being used around the world by the people but also being used in politics. At the beginning of history the media wasn't that well known as now in days because there weren't that many technological advances that allowed them be so invested in it.The power that the media has had in politics has been increasing over time as it has helped when campaigning and has helped get people move involved in politics and become more informed of what is happening.The media is very powerful in politics because it has become a useful tool to use as it helps reach a wide range of people, it's a free resource and it gives people a voice and a choice and lastly it reveals…show more content…
By the media being a free resource it helps the politics as they don't have to spend money but at the same time it helps the community as they are able to stay informed without having to pay anything. Having the ability to use the internet and with it social media like Facebook, Twitter , Snapchat the people around our community have a way of being informed of what is happening not only around the world but also in politics because at the end of the day it affects us all. The internet and with it social media has given a powerful resource used in politics because those running for office have a free way to campaign. In an article it states, ¨It has become fairly common for political campaigns to produce commercials and publish them for free on YouTube instead of, or in addition to, paying for time on television or the radio, (ThoughtCo.)¨ since the media is free it is giving an advantage to political campaigns because they no longer have to spend money to get other people to recognize them and learn about them because they can just go on any social media or any free apps and post something that will reach a wide range of people in a more effective way. Campaigning which becomes very expensive becomes easier when using the media because it is a free resource that has become very popular among our community. Politicians ,¨ take advantage as best they…show more content…
The power of the media in politics is giving exposure to more people but also teenagers that in other way will not care about politics. It gives voice to those that in other ways wouldn't have it and also it gives people a choice and helps create their opinions when it comes to politics.
The media also is a very positive thing in the way that it reveals the truth of what is happening in politics faster and in a more effective way. The things that happen in politics are sometimes kept for the safety of the whole community and the media helps the truth of those things come out quicker, because it just takes one person to post something and it will become viral so quick that everyone finds out the truth of things. In an article written by Katie Langin, it stated that, ¨False news propagated faster and wider for all forms of news—but the problem was particularly evident for political news, the team reports today in Science, (Science).¨ The media is the outlet for false news being shared very often but with that comes the truth because in most cases the truth becomes viral and finds its ways to become exposed in the media whether it be on TV, or social media. Those in politics always have
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