Media Influence On Body Image Essay

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Media Influence on Body Image Outline Preface: The old adage says that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, however, in recent times the obsession of a signified perfect body has been escalated by media greatly. While most communities teach young individuals that physical beauty does not matter as compared to the inner beauty, this seems to contradict the same as depicted by media through reality shows, billboards, magazines, and a myriad of other platforms. In recent studies, body image perceptions have thus resulted to eating disorders amongst both females and males alike more likely affecting the teenagers and the young adults. This study thus seeks to determine the relationship between the media, body image, and eating disorders. Thesis Statement: Individual acceptance is a norm widely accepted across different societies, however, in recent development the portrayal of the perfect body image through media platforms has caused great body dissatisfactions and consequently leading to eating disorders amongst teenagers and young adults. I. Introduction A. Current Problem: Idealized beauty…show more content…
Claim 1: Media Portrayal of the perfect body image has an overall effect on the levels of teenagers and young adults’ body dissatisfaction. A. As per Conway, idealized media portrayal of the perfect body image has an overall effect of how young individuals view their own body images. To show the repercussions of negatively perceiving your own body image as a result of media portray, Conway attempts to bring forth the relationship between such negative perceptions and the development of eating disorders. B. Although media plays a major role in the issue surrounding body satisfaction, some studies indicate that pressure from family and friends is highly responsible for the same. However, as Conway argues, recent studies have indicated that the increment of teenagers and young adults having body dissatisfaction has been on the rise as a result of media
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