Media Influence On Body Image

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He relates it to stress because stress results in less achievement, so women with negative body image would stress themselves to look better and would concentrate on their academic performance. This also shows that as women who pursue their higher education are not bothered about the body image issues and are satisfied with their looks and body type and do not try to fit into the societal definition of the ideal women. They are most likely to have a very position body image (Miles, 2009) Alasker and Flammer in their book on the adolescent experiences among the American and Europeans say that a lot of changes come in an adolescent’s body during the age of poverty and the change brings along a lot of consciousness. The way a child perceives the change at that times forms their self-esteem and the way they look at their bodies. They go through the process of accepting change and building a whole new self which is very crucial in the development of the Body Image. The also elaborate on the concept of culture and how culture helps to define an ideal type and the adolescents then try to fit into those types and this was seen more in the adolescent girls (Alsaker & Flammer, 2009) Many research works focus on how Media affects the behaviour of young women whereas less work has been done on how the people with whom these young ladies interact daily influence their life and the impact hey leave on their perception of Body image. A college girls is very influenced by peer group and
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