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Media has shown its influences on India not only after Independence but it has been very much visible even during the colonial rule. For many years now media has been influencing the Indian society and manipulating the masses successfully. Specifically, in the fields like marketing and politics. This work is going to discuss and answer the question of how media has given a new shape to political understanding of South Asia. The idea of media’s truthfulness is dwindling with time, one can say that media is getting highly institutionalised and commercialised. Often it displays one side of an event, and the idea of truth which media tends to put forward is many times influenced by those who convince the owners of media to be in their favour. Due…show more content…
Television was introduced in the country in the year 1959 but media through other means had already started its work of mass manipulations. For example: Textbooks, newspapers etc. influenced and gave people the idea of “how and through what ways one can become a true Indian”
After 1959 when Television was introduced among the masses of the country, government led television channels like Doordarshan gained mass popularity and support. Government under the leadership of Nehru used this source as a way to educate the masses and tell them the real meaning of becoming a complete Indian. The feeling of nationalism was highlighted and gradually people were understanding the meaning of Indian nationalism and pride. These were mere ways to define India as a nation state and Indian people as the real children of their
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Nerandra modi the present prime minister of India is gaining more popularity among masses. Some people assume that the reason behind Modi’s success is simply clever use of media in propagandas and media which became one of his instruments to gain acceptance among the masses and finally placing him in the position of prime minister. This example becomes helpful in understanding that media is not always an independent identity, in many cases it is under the influence of either big corporations or powerful people. Presently there is a debate going on if Modi is only participating in propagandas or is he actually doing real efforts to improve the condition of

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