Media Influence On Nursing Essay

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The Medias’ Positive Influence on Nursing
As far back as elementary school we are asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up;” and each year on Halloween children dress up as their heroes in hopes that one-day they will be just like them. Most often a child wants to be what they see in books and most importantly on television. The media influences us at all ages. The media has the ability to reach millions of people providing a positive impact on the image of nursing.
A Positive Perception
The media plays a major role in the way we perceive professions and it has an impact on the decisions we make in regards to our own career choices. Nursing in particular has been seen in such shows as “Greys Anatomy” and “Nurse Jackie;” and despite their sometimes less than accurate portrayals, shows like these positively influence the perception of nurses. “The public has its perceptions of nurses in mind, and they are able to separate what they see on television and what they hold and believe about nursing and their personal experiences” (Wood). Nurses have the ability to leave a lasting impression and the medias’ showcase of the profession can only continue to provide positivity.
A Positive Effect
Nursing aside from
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“When asked to tell the first thing that came to mind when they heard the words registered nurse, about one in five respondents said “care” or “compassion, ” and about eight percent of the public said “professional” (Wood). These characteristics, as stated by the public, further substantiate nursing is seen positively. “The public also acknowledged the skill, knowledge, licensure, and certification of nurses” (Wood). Not only does the public view nurses in high regard, when asked “twenty-five percent of respondents considered a nursing career” (Wood). Studies like these continue to provide us with the evidence that the media accurately portrays nursing in a positive
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