Media Influence On Politics

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Influencing what many people believe about health, sports, or even politics is very simple in today’s society. Under the First Amendment of the Constitution, American citizens have been provided with the ability to obtain freedom of the press. The United States was established by participating in a rigorous war against our motherland, because colonists believed they lacked inalienable rights from parliament. Our founding fathers then created a Constitution to interpret and promote the concept of democracy. They believed being a democratic country indicated the freedom to publish any printed material without governmental restriction. Since then, our country has released a tremendous amount of publications. Newspapers, broadcasts, and other published…show more content…
By utilizing the internet, Americans are able to make small donations, organize people to attend meetings, take instant opinion polls, criticize candidates and issues, mobilize local followers, and target campaigners. According to Forbes, “A new study finds that media shapes political involvement and engagement.” This is because the media allows people to receive information at a much faster rate than ever before. Because the media is already apart of American’s daily lives, speaking upon politics on the media is incredibly effective. It allows for many different people to come across information, especially through the usage of buttons like sharing, retweet, and reposting. Interconnecting and participating in exceptional discussions with others is quick through the use of the internet. Through these discussions and shared posts, many more Americans become involved and active. Before the internet, newspaper articles and magazines were mainly only for Americans who could afford this luxury. Since the internet is free and always has been, it has had an Increasingly important role in politics, especially since candidates obtained the ability to create their own websites. As explained by American Government Institutions and Policies (pg. 293), “The Internet is the ultimate free market in political news: no one can ban, control, or regulate it, and no one can keep facts, opinions, or nonsense off of it. The Internet is beginning to play a big role in politics … The rise of the Internet has completed a remarkable transformation in American journalism. ” The creation of the internet has benefited politics in various ways. Through the use of the internet, Howard Dean was able to raise most of his money from internet appeals and John Kerry was able to create blogs as a major source of discussion. Without the use of the internet, information would
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