Essay On The Influence Of Social Media On Politics

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Social media was developed to link people to the world and is an effortlessly convenient method for communication. Due to this, people are able to get in touch with just about anyone from all over the world and it no doubt has an incredible amount of influence on our lives. However, not all of it may be positive. Almost everyone is aware of how social media impacts us on a micro scale, but what about the influence it has on a macro level? Interestingly enough, it has taken a tremendous toll on politics. Thanks to social media, access to information from all over the world has become easy. Because of the developments that social media has reached, it is no longer necessary for us to rely on receiving information from second hand sources. We are now able to access the main source of the news ourselves such as an eyewitness or video footage of the event. This can insure that the information we receive is reliable considering that many secondary news sources tend to be politically biased. To elaborate, media sources such as newspapers and news channels can be identified as either ‘right-wing’ or ‘left-wing’ politics. In reference to ‘The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics’, right-wing politics can be defined as the …show more content…

As of yet, we have only been introduced to the beginning of an era and so it’s exact strength of impact cannot yet be determined. It is very likely that many changes are to come about in the near future of social media and its influence on politics. Proposals on the concept of internet voting have been made, this will be able to lead to greater levels of participation in elections. This could make social media increase its influence in the political world, as people will be able to place their votes within minutes after being informed of the latest information or links discovered through Facebook or

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