Media Influence On Society

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With the advent of media which includes television, radio, the internet and other forms such as video games in the 20th and 21st century, and its increasing accessibility, there is no doubt of its influence on behavior, attitudes and beliefs in society. Its reach is widespread and its influence undebatable. There is no household today which is devoid of internet access or a television. Media becomes the propagator of ideologies by influencing individuals and serves in shaping their respective opinions. The popular phrase “What you see is what you become” properly summarizes the effect that television might have on people. The biggest debate around media today is the propagation of violence through mass communication and the extent of it. The advocates of this notion believe that violence portrayed via media influences its audience who perceives the violence on television or other media as an acceptable notion and leads to an aggressive and violent behavior and thus viewers of media violence are more likely than the non-viewers to engage in criminal activities. The portrayal of superheroes fighting crimes and their acceptance as role models in society is an indicator of the receptiveness of media violence. The violence percolates not only through the minds of individuals but also through gender and race. The viewers of such shows or consumers of video games are usually children of a tender age or adolescents who have impressionable minds and can easily get influenced by

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