Media Influence On Society

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Many things influence people’s lives. Nowadays, media is playing a huge role in human life. Whether it is television, newspaper, radio, magazine, or the internet. It has a huge impact on society, and it is still growing even more. People rely on media to get information, entertainment and to stay in touch with the world. It has become a primary thing that humans cannot live without. However, if you notice, you will find that media has made clear changes on three things. They are culture, education and the behavior.
Media has improved human’s culture and made many cultures become more familiar than before. Moreover, it changed the way we communicate with other people, and social media is the best example. It has really transformed our communication and our culture because when you enter any kind of social media websites, you will find millions of people with different cultures and personalities that you will get to know. You will start to discover their culture, as well as their daily live, and their style of food. Moreover, because of the media, we can say that we are living in a small village. moreover, we do not have to go overseas to meet and learn about other different people and different cultures, (Walsh, 2011).
Today, every single person in our society needs the help of the media in education. The media has become a tool that satisfies all student’s needs in education. It helps them to get information that will assist them in their school subjects, or helps them with
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