Media Influence On The Media

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Influence of Media In the movie theatre or at home there are plenty of movies shown that have violence. From drama, comedy, to action the list goes on from films rated R down to G. Characters, such as, the antagonist in action movies use any means of violence to stop the hero from ruining the villains attempt to destroy the world. The clothes worn by gang member’s shows that gang’s territory and no one should trespassing or things could get ugly. Language could be used in a hostile and unwelcoming way showing an aggressive demeanor before a big turf war. Just holding a prop like a baseball bat where there is no field near by insinuates this is not a game. All these films may have some sort of influence on the targeted audience. In the story, “Exposing Ourselves in South Park”, Tessa Sproule wrote, “Violence in society is not the result of violence on screen or in pop music, rather it’s the symptom of a deeper decay” (201). Viewers are taught life lessons early on in their life. Knowing what’s right from wrong is the basic blueprint of how one chooses to act. The viewer’s actions are the reflection of how they might have been raised. Violence in movies are for entertainment purposes, not to be re-enacted in real life situations. The violent actions of people can also be influenced by what characters they watch on screen. For example, in “This Eminem May Melt Your Ears”, Mike Ross explains the rapper Eminem is a bit of a twisted unorthodox character. On the list of tracks

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