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Media is a technology that used to communicate to a large of people, it is has channels where information like news, education, entertainments, data or any promotional messages are delivered. Media is divided into several form like, newspaper, magazine, TV, radio, billboard, hanging mobile, fax, telephone and internet. People can easily to have media now days, because media such a popular thing to use to have some information. Media work not only to delivered information to the society, meanwhile media become the main role of the society or media take a control of society and can influenced the society.
In 20th century entertainment is one of the sector that significantly growth that the other sector. There are a lot of movie, songs, boy band, girl band and new celebrity are coming to the entertainment world. This change make people
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As we know that nowadays celebrity have a lot of fans from a whole world. Fans will follow their celebrity live through media and social media. Media is just serving them by the information. The case is like when a restaurant having a lot of order, their waiters will served them in quick and serve their order. In here the media is the restaurants and the reporter or the journalist is the waiters. Just like what Harris, J. 2004) say that the decision on what news or information is made finally by journalists. The assertion that “the people made me do it” won’t pass muster, although I would allow that “my boss made me do it” does not seem out of the question. I know that media is like utilized the people by their information to gain more profit and their attention. But we cannot be forget think that media just serve the information that society needs. They will not cover too much about celebrity scandals if the rating is not higher and the information is not use by the

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