Media Influence On American Culture

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Media Influences on American Culture
Jacquetta Brown
October 4, 2015
Allyson Wells

In some ways yes I think information media does have a social responsibility. Reason being is most people rely on these sources whether it’s crime, politics, news or anything else.
This is the sign of the times with technology growing it’s allowing us to do things that we didn’t do 20 years ago. If these sites are going to produce this information it has to be accurate. If the information is not accurate then problems will occur which could lead to other problems like the people they are reporting about could sue them or they would have to retract the information that they provided. Plus if you are not reporting the information correctly
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I also like to make sure before I say anything that the information that is being presented it accurate. You don’t want to go and say something and realize that what you are saying is not correct.

Electronic media has changed for us today because we are now able to read or look at the new or anything we wish without having to be in front of a TV. Where ever there is Wi-Fi accessibility we are able to view the different sites. We have different sites or apps that allows us to follow different networks. You have your news apps, crime apps, sports apps, comedy apps. All different types of apps which makes it easy for people to look at media in different places. We can download them and look at anything we wish whenever we want too. I think that is good because people don’t always have the ability to be in front of a television to look at the news because they may not be in an area that allows that to happen. Although the newspaper can go anywhere people today would rather download an app and read on their iPhone, tablets, iPad. People are more likely today to look at most or all their information on electronic
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