Media Influences On American Culture

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Media Influences on American Culture
Jacquetta Brown
October 4, 2015
Allyson Wells

In some ways yes I think information media does have a social responsibility. Reason being is most people rely on these sources whether it’s crime, politics, news or anything else.
This is the sign of the times with technology growing it’s allowing us to do things that we didn’t do 20 years ago. If these sites are going to produce this information it has to be accurate. If the information is not accurate then problems will occur which could lead to other problems like the people they are reporting about could sue them or they would have to retract the information that they provided. Plus if you are not reporting the information correctly then what are the people going to say about your creditability. Which will entail your rating to go down. Or one site could be reporting one thing and another might say something else. A lot of people do not have televisions so they rely on social or information media to get their news. Another thing would be a problem with inaccurate information would be the people would complain and ask that their site be removed for reporting the wrong stories or better yet misleading information. In that case the site that is reporting the accurate information would be considered a liable source and everyone would rather use their site than anyone else. Most businesses are standing by those sites that are reporting the information
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