Media Influences Young Children's School Life

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HOW MEDIA INFLUENCE 6-17 YEARS CHILDREN 'S SCHOOL LIFE? ___________________________________________________________ A research from a lens of student. Natali Nurnur- Kadir Has University Abstract: At the day when technology started to develop and build solid ways to reach us by using media, our lives have completely changed. With time, we made media a part of our life 's and we let it live with us. It has been start with Radio and continue with social media tools in todays... Nowadays, there is generations which are born into media and technology or grow with technology . For this generations we should attach importance to the blaze key feature of technological and digital developments. However, there is still differences between…show more content…
Media Effects: It is an undeniable fact that media definitely has a huge role in how people live their lives. In the world, the topic of "the impacts of media on children" is a popular debating. Not only in academic envoirment even in discusses which happens between teachers, they take attention to harms of TV programs on children. The research 's results shows us there are positive impact of media on children besides negative ones. In order to give some examples: 1. Media associates analytic thinking: Media supports analytic thinking ways. Analytic thinking is important, in order to solve problems and make connections. It helps to make a path to solve a problem or answer a question truly and consciously. 2. Media tools like TV, video games etc. develop the creativity of children: By watching visual platforms such as TV, children improves their creativity because getting into a visual world while getting out of the real world is developing the ability of dreaming, visualizing and even thinking. According to a neuroscience research, all youngsters come to the world with "innate creative powers." -Professor Ian Diamond- These visual platforms help them to show their…show more content…
From various perspectives, social networking has led to constructive changes in the way individuals impart and offer data; however, it has a deep dark side, also. Social media can result in negative results, some with extended period of time consequences. (Karen Frazier Public Relations Specialist)4 There is so much more research for positive impacts of media on children but to just mention these are some important ones. As much as media has positive impacts, it has negative impacts too. Especially, when it comes to children there is so much debating case but I will just mention important ones which is related with my

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