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The internet is great. More specifically, social media is great. Social media is a wonderful tool that our generation has been blessed with. These days, many people might tell you social media makes you less social, but nothing beats sharing different ideas with all your friends. In an instant, you can show your friends a picture or a tweet that someone has posted and everyone can add their own input.
What’s better, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, the internet is limitless. You can interact with all kinds of different people, whether they’re 5 miles away or 5,000 miles away. The internet allows you to make connections with people everywhere, whereas without the internet, you would have never met those people. That connection
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Why would I like such a tweet? First, I suppose I should clear up what a tweet even is. Tweets (like the one shown above) are shared publicly on a website fitting named Twitter. Anyone can type a sentence or two about whatever they would like and post it for all their followers to see. You can tweet words, pictures, GIF’s, and videos; and these tweets can be just about anything that’s not illegal. It generally makes for a pretty good time for everyone that doesn’t worry about politics.
To get back at my previous question, why do I find such a strange piece of media so entertaining to the point where I spend numerous hours a day enthralled in it? I mean, it’s literally just the script of a dumb commercial with some emojis that someone tweeted because they have nothing better to do. Nonetheless, it’s still funny to me, it’s funny reference that me and all my friends understand and can repeat to each other. You know there’s a word for something that is repeated and recreated by different people, it’s called a meme.
If you’ve been on any kind of social media at all, or even just been around kids, you most likely have seen a meme or two. Memes are interesting because people make memes out of just about anything, which makes them insanely diverse. In addition, memes differ depending on the specific social media you explore.
Facebook usually has memes like

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