Media Issues In The Oj Simpson Case

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It was the summer of 1994, when we first heard about the OJ Simpson case, and the media quickly dubbed it “The Trial of the Century”. OJ, the football legend, OJ, the actor, and eventually, OJ, the convicted felon was acquitted in the killings of his former wife and friend. He was later found guilty in the civil trial. In the early hours of June 13, 1994 a neighbor finds the bodies of ex -wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman outside of Simpson’s apartment in the Brentwood estates in Los Angeles California. The police suspect former NFL legend O.J. Simpson with the grisly deaths. Four days later an arrest warrant was issued and what transpired from there could only be called the most famous chase the public had ever witnessed on national television. Simpson led police with the help of friend AC Cowlings on a low speed chase in a white Ford Bronco through the highways of Los Angeles. With more than 95 million viewers watching on live TV, the event turned into a media obsession that lasted for over 15 months. The coverage that was given to this one man and this one story by the media set the stage for what is…show more content…
For the LAPD one of their detectives, Mark Furman was proven to have tampered and placed evidence at the scene of the murders. He also was taped used very derogatory words about African Americans. The corruption scandal not only prejudiced the case, but exposed the racial discrimination inside the police department. It was a cry that many African Americans blamed when they were convicted in a court of law; evidence planted or fabricated in order to get a conviction against them. LAPD went through many changes in their recruitment, training and overall procedures of officers in the years following the OJ trial. Many crime labs across America revised their evidence protocols based on discrepancies from the OJ

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