Media Manipulation In The Media

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One of the media’s capability to be able to manipulate the masses can either be interpreted as a good thing or a bad thing. In the case of propaganda, media manipulation was a crucial element in order to gain support from the public, justifying their cause, and influencing people’s attitude (Manzaria & Bruck, 1999). The popular media has been commonly used as an important cultural device for relaying the idea of what is considered a suitable behaviour and their identity, and vice versa. (McLaughlin & Parry, 2006)
Dr. Robert P. Abele defined propaganda as: “A form of coercion—verbal manipulation of the people to whom it is directed by cloaking the message in terms with which no one can disagree (e.g. Euphemisms such as “American x,” “USA PATRIOT Act;” “Support our troops;” yellow ribbons, “fighting to bring democracy”), thereby creating the illusion in people that they are in control of their lives and their institutional structures, as well as the illusion of having free choice in such matters, while allowing the perpetrator of it to have their way.” On the other hand, Edward Bernays interpreted propaganda in simple terms: "Democracy will only work if the mass of people is guided by an enlightened elite class that is imperceptible to the masses in their crafting of public opinion." He came by this conclusion through his intellectual role model, Walter Lippmann, who said that the people “are incapable of lucid thought and clear perception, and are driven instead by the herd
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