Manipulation In The Truman Show

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Contrastly to Slumdog Millionaire, in Truman Show, the audience to the reality television show and the viewers watching the film are given the same evidence to determine media manipulations through film elements, however only the viewers are able to succumb to realism at the end of the film. In Truman Show, the highest form of manipulations is used as the protagonist life is manipulated by the media-producer of the show, Christoff. The audience of the show continuously watch and wait to see the next step in Truman's life, not fazed by the fact that they are partly manipulating him as the audience. The media took him away from the real world and he was never truly an actor but now he has no life anymore since it’s all about being an actor. Every morning Truman follows the same routine, saying “Good morning, and if I don’t see you, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening.”(double check this is right). The actors in the show feed into Truman’s existence and further control his reality.…show more content…
Another example is when Truman tries to drive away from town, he gets in the car with his wife and starts to drive away, suddenly the streets are populated with traffic. This population was controlled by Christoff, commanding the actors to make that move. The friends that Truman trust are only there when he needs them because Christoff instructs them to be. His best friend goes to his house to check on him because Christoff was concerned that Truman was going to escape. These are perfect examples of how we see the media dictating Turman’s real life. Contrastly in Slumdog Millionaire, the media does control the game show but the game show ends where as with the Truman Show his whole life is based around the media and he is not even
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