Essay On Media Power

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The Media is an important tool in providing free access of information and opinion, thereby allowing a democratic process to function in a meaningful way. The media serves as a counter-balance to government power. The propaganda model focuses on the effect money and social power has over media outlets and the abilities of individuals and corporations who possess adequate funds and positions of power to filter the news. In the propaganda model, Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky argued that, there is a certain class within society (the dominant elite) who sets the agenda of national and international news to the tiers of the media that flows to the rest of the society. In the past, intellectuals were targeted by governments and corporations to disseminate information or propaganda to the general public. But in recent times, it is the mass media…show more content…
But no matter how sophisticated a media organization is, it cannot afford to have reporters everywhere at the same time. Therefore, media organizations place emphasis on important areas where they expect regular and important news often occurs. Media organizations rely heavily on government heads, CEO`s and anyone in the position of power, be it the government or big business to feed it news lines and grant them unfettered access to information. This in turn gives the power centers considerable influence over what actually turns up in the news. There is a constant fear that if media organizations question the official line they might offend their sources and end up losing their access.
The fourth filter is called flak: According to Chomsky/Herman, this is a negative response to a media statement or programme. Flak can take many forms, for example, emails, letters, phone calls etc. In order to avoid the potential outcry from viewers and corporations, the media tends to stay away from stories that have the potential to create a
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