Media Prima Case Study

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1.1 General view of the industry
Communication over the distance via television, radio, telephone, wireless network, telemetry, and computer network is called telecommunication. The term referred to telephone service. Today be able to admittance the play videos, internet, or track their kids ' activities via global positioning system (GPS) on their mobile, therefore the outlines among the telecommunications then the other commerce like processor hardware and customer microchip technology are receiving dimmer continually because today, all this machineries and others are converging-indeed. This statement is taken from (
1.2 Company Background
i) History of company
So, media prima is under the telecommunication industry.
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The type of media used by Media Prima Berhad is broadcast media and print media.
i) Broadcast media
Media Prima Berhad often use broadcast media to advertise their products and services to the public. Besides, Media Prima themselves is in the media communication industry. Media Prima television Network division are usually being advertise through their own television network such as TV3, NTV7, 8TV and TV9. Media Prima Berhad also advertise their print media product such as Harian Metro and Berita Harian on their television network. Then, they also publicize their digital media for example TONTON and GUA through the television network.
Besides, Media Prima Berhad also advertise their services through the radio. They will advertise their radio network such as Hot FM, Fly FM and One FM at their own radio network. Besides entertaining their listeners through the radio, their also advertise their own radio network service. So, we thus can assume that Media Prima Berhad advertise their product such as TV network, digital media and print media through the broadcast
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Media Prima will advertise their product such as their digital media on the newspaper. Media Prima finds it convenience for their company as the digital media is suitable to be advertise on the newspaper. The newspaper that they have chosen to advertise their product is of course from their own company which is Harian Metro, Berita Harian and New Straits Times.
Media Prima Berhad use print media as they find it easier for them to publish their own product on their own newspapers. Moreover, Media Prima also discovers it is further receivable for public that construing the newspapers to following surf their media digital. This is because, the newspapers is usually being read by the public that might own their own gadgets. So, this will literally make the people wants to find out more about the things that they have been read.
i) Court case Media Prima

Anwar ibrahim sues Mazlan Ismail ,TV3, Utusan for defamation.

Media Prima have lots of court case which is that some distinct file on them. One of the case is Anwar Ibrahim sues Mazlan Ismail ,TV3, Utusan for defamation .Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is suing former Barisan Nasional candidate for Permatang Pauh in the 2013 general election and two others for implying that he had bribed judiciary and the Attorney-General 's
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