Media Social: The Consequences And Effects Of Social Media

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Media social

Media social is an online medium that anyone can participate to use it. with the existence of social media it all becomes easy. with the social media that allows us to have a conversation we still must always be careful in using it.
Because everthing always have consequences.

Let me tell you abaout the negative from media social in our life. So many effect negative from you use a media social like, you can get bullying, your healty is getting worse, demage the victim mentally and many more about that. Let me explain some.

First, when you use media social and you upload some photo or video in your media social, and you get bad reaction from your follower because for him your content or your photo is very poor and you will get hard bullying from your follower in social media.
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The second, your mentally getting bad like you have a some trauma. After that you will not want to use media social anymore. And that make you lag about technology advances. Trust me if your mental already like this you look like an idiot.

Media social can make your healty getting bad because when you use media social in big screen or small screen for a long time. Your eyes gonna tired and that make your minus increases not only that our spine will feel sick or sore because of our habbit of always bending when we use media social.

from social media also we can get big losses and usually this in the form of money in our atm card. Why did it happen ? usually the fault of our less cautious, for example. When you upload photo or video with atm card you give the hacker chance.

And so many advantages in media social and make your needed easier. Like you when go to mall and shopping for some good stuff or new clothes, in here not like that because like that have additional cost like fuel, transportation, parking, and anymore. In here you just see what you want, choose, and buy from your home and what you want will come to your
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