Media Speech: A Negative Speech On Social Media

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Dear students thank you all for coming to listen to my speech. It is an honor to be here with you all today. I realise as your peers, I feel like I have some tips on my discovery about social media among the younger generation. It is undeniable that in the 21st century, social media has become the most accessible way of communication throughout the whole world. Almost anyone in any household would have at least one social media account. It is impossible to imagine a life without a social media especially to the younger generation. Social media offers the most convenient platform for communication. However, more and more evidence of detrimental aspect of such interaction emerges every single day. Many students would state that social media is just a form of communication but social media take a form of addiction, cause health issues and even pose a serious danger to the life of an individual. To begin with, many users become addictive and more isolated from social media. Clearly many students would view that social media as a harmless form of communication.…show more content…
Of course, teenagers in general would protest such statement, indicating that they are safe, able to handle dangers by themselves. However, many young teens get harassed online. The number of sexual assaults has increased tremendously. 29% of young people have been contacted or stalked online by someone they do not know and 69% of teens regularly receive personal online messages from someone they do not know. Many teens use social media as a means of making new friends. Yet they fail to see that the “friends” are different to what they think. In fact, majority of the users met their offender in person at least one. Many young people never realize or understand the danger of online activities and the consequence it could cause. Hence, stating that social media is dangerous remains
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