Media Synthesis Essay

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Despite all this, the media in all of its forms, entertainment to news and even word of mouth, have jointly voiced the economic and social progression of many races. From Martin Luther King Jr. to the removal of several dictators in the Middle East, the media played a vital role in spreading the message and awareness of why these revolutions began in the first place, defeating segregation, slavery, and inequality. The media has created a slightly more tolerant audience and changed the minds of the naïve. The media does not allow disgraceful and outrageous actions to go unnoticed; they do that by exposing these types of incidents, and it prevents the events or at least lowers the rates. For example, “African-American participation in the development of cable television since the 1970s was a response to the century-old history of the erasure and distortion of Black images in the white-dominated society and media” (Hoppenstand, 2012). Comparing the media from 1970s to the present, it is accurate that the African-American race is more active in the media; however, it is still not equivalent the Caucasian races…show more content…
They do that for purposes of entertainment. The media also attempts to satisfy stereotypes individuals are acquainted with, and it also likes to impress and attempt to relate to a certain type of audience. The repeated negative exposure that the media gives to certain cultures, religions and ethnicities is what causes these misconceptions. A number of methods can be pursued to lower the rate of biased news, and stereotypes on entertainment media. One solution is to have stricter screening of the facts before being aired to ensure that all sides of the stories are being covered before being exposed. While the media, in this day and age, is a necessary tool for the continued progression of society, it should no longer be a tool to spread resentment between
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