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Iran and its media system

This piece of work consists of the media systems of Iran. What are the policies followed by Iran in governing its media system. The paper explains briefly about the communication systems of Iran including print media, broadcasting media i.e. radio & television and electronic media i.e. internet. The paper points out Iran being an authoritarian country which has strict rules, regulations and censorships over all forms of communication. The paper consists of citations and references in accordance with the main body.
Islamic republic of Iran also known as Persia is a country in western Asia. Iran is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Tehran is the capital and largest city of Iran which contributes a lot to the world economy. Looking at the media system of Iran, it has a huge media system both privately and publically owned. Most of the newspapers are published in Persian language and widely circulated in the country.
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If we talk about the print media system of Iran, there are numerous news papers which circulate. A few of them are Etteyan, Rasalat, Iran times and daily Tehran. Media of Iran is subject to censorship. There is a
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The government controlled media, censorship and license in Iran clearly shows that Iran has a strict authoritarian type of media system. Iran follows a system in which all forms of communication are under the control of governing elite or influential bureaucrats. Iran seems to be a fully authoritarian country which is controlling the entire media and all forms of communications. It is said that Iran is working on forming its own national internet. The authorities under this system have to prevent and protect the people from national threats through any form of communication/news. On the other hand government under this framework has the right to restrict media in order to maintain peace in the

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