Media Violence In The Media

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The issue of media violence is complex, it has been suggested that video games and multimedia depictions of violence have increased aggressive behaviours in society. Whether or not video games and violence in the media cause violent behaviour is still under debate. Gaming advocates contend that media violence is not harmful because they think that it is not interactive,On the other hand, those against the suggestion that exposure to violence in the media causes aggression argue that media violence has impact on children under the age of 9- 18 because it cause aggressive behaviour in us. In my opinion I think the media violence is harmful and it cause aggressive behaviour because when I turn on the television there is always a violence and just look at channel 1 to 11 you will alway see at violence. Media violence has brought a lot of tension and divides…show more content…
There are a lot of evidences that children who watch violence on television has affect on them. The research on media violence say that more than 60 percent of television programs contain violence On the other hand, If the children are allow to play any game they like then it will certainly create opportunities for them to meet new friends and have freedom For example, your friends that are living in difference country will be able to play against each other online. It will be a lot easier for children to talk with their friends through
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