Media's Effect On Culture And Society

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Type of Media
As technology advances and media choices increase, every media have an effect on culture and society in daily life. Different types of media have lots of different types of influences in culture and society. Media today consists of television, internet, newspaper, radio and etc. New media enable new cultures to transform society. Now that the process has accelerated to the point where it is visible on a daily basis, most people understand that new communication media mean new ways of life. Indeed, it is now possible to see how new ways of creating and distributing symbols have made it possible throughout history for people to change existing cultural practices, and through these changes in the way people socialize, to transform societies. (A.Pushparaj, n.d.)

Political Media
The media’s primary duty is to present us with information and alert us when important events occur. This information may affect what we think and the actions we take because most people do not take part in local or national government decision making meetings so for them, media is the only way to receive the related information. TV channels, online news, newspaper in Malaysia is given opportunity to choose to support which political parties. In the same time, it also advice the audience and readers to do the same. Malaysians as getting 86% of their news feed online, 45% from publications, 54% from television, and 15% from radio. (Keruak, 2017) Because everyone in Malaysia nowadays will

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