Media's Impact On The Role Of Media And Media Culture

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We forge our very identities out of the materials provided by media culture. These materials are inclusive of films, television, radio and other products of media. It influences our sense of belonging, our concept of what defines someone as who they are; even our sense of culture, ethics, races, nationalities and class.

Media also shapes the way we view the world in conjuncture to our deepest values. It affects us greatly when we make optimistic or pessimistic, evil or moral decisions. Most media stories offer realistic plot lines that enable us to constitute a common and relatable culture in the society we live in.

Learning to comprehend, construe and condemn the meaning and hidden messages is important as we are immersed in a cradle to grave society. Media are sometimes misperceived as a source of cultural pedagogy. They contribute greatly in educating us on how to act and feel, what to believe, think, and fear.

Not only is the media a form of pedagogy, it also educate us on what it takes to be a man or a women. They show us how to present ourselves, how to react in different social classes and most importantly, how to be conventional to the principal structure of norms, ethics, and practices.

As a result, it is essential that individuals and general public learn how to deal with a seductive social environment in the uprising of vital media literacy. “This will help to empower oneself in relation to dominant forms of media and culture”. (Mille, 2006)

I will closely

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