Media's Impact On Youth And Social Media In The Classroom

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Social media are becoming very common today and many people are attracted to them. They are used for all kinds of purposes by different people. The use of social media is an increasing occurrence in both private and academic life. Social media refer to tools used to enable users for social interaction. The use of social media improves teaching in classrooms. For example, YouTube, Facebook, and blogs provide a vast amount of material on an extensive range of subjects. Students can then turn to of these tools for more descriptions or clarifications.
1.0 Introduction: Social media is a set of complex tools for involving young people. Social media has different effect on the youth where some impacts are in the favour of the youth and sometimes these impacts are negative to them. However the evolution of social media potentially has a larger influence than that. Social media impact on youth is a double edge sword; it has good as well as bad influences impacting many people throughout the world including Libyan people. These influences of social media which has enhanced the exposure of the people to technology have created more awareness among youth. Youth is highly involved in social media. (Boyd, 2007). Many studies have described the media as tools used to store and deliver information or data. Communications delivered over mass electronic communication networks. However Social media is defined as websites and applications that enable users to create

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