Media's Role In The Civil Rights Movement

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Throughout history Americans have fought for what they believe is right. There are many things that will show you how Americans have fought for their beliefs. For example The Stamp Act and the Selma voting rights protest. In Selma, Alabama in 1965, many African Americans protesting for voting rights had ways for their opinions to be heard, fom the media, the public, and the Federal government. During the Civil Rights movement in Selma the people had the media to help get their voices out. Throughout the march from Selma to Montgomery there was camera crews, they helped make sure that everyone knew what was happening.(Selma Video). This helped get the protesters voice out and to the authorities who didn 't support them. These camera crews and media made it hard for people to ignore what was happening and face it. Throughout this time SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) and SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) held speeches that were broadcasted over the TV and Radio (Selma Video). This made it even harder for the Authorities to pretend that none of this was happening…show more content…
Finally, the protests were heard by the Government, which was helped to transfer to the government. In the Selma video it shows a video of President Johnson speaking to the people. He says, “ We need to overcome this crippling legacy.” He is one of the highest powers in America, and was speaking to support the protestors and help them by letting the Selma government know that none of this was ok and they have the right to protest what they believe. Knowing that they had the President of the United States of America on their side. Also the video of the President helped to show George Wallace that he needed to let the people march no matter what he believed (Selma Video). Knowing that there were people supporting the marchers helped them to stay true to what they believed in and not to give up. Lastly, the government helped to get the complaints and opinions of the marches
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