Mediated Experience In Social Interaction Essay

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2.3 Mediated Experiences in Social Interaction Mediated experiences in the case of social interaction differ from the other. It is because the experiences are highly related with the social interaction which had been mediated. The scope of the mediated experiences is wide where it comprises more range of information. According to Thompson, mediated experience is defined as the kind of experience that is acquired through mediated interaction or quasi-interaction. He has separated the mediated experience into four aspects where in the first aspect, it had been said that to experience events through the media is to experience events which are distant spatially from the practical context of daily life. Adding to the point, he has stated that mediated…show more content…
He has stated that the mediated learning-experience can act as a proximal factor of cognitive modifiability as well as the playing role in enhancing children 's cognitive modifiability (Tzuriel, 2014). Based on Heeter, interaction is defined as an episode or series episodes which deals with the physical actions and reactions of an embodied human with the world. Interactivity has been categorised four elements which are the source, message, channel and receiver (Heeter, 2010). Fathi, Hodgins, & Rehg stated that social interactions, like having a conversation, are tightly coupled with whether a moment is worth keeping and categorized into three which are the dialogue, discussion, and monologue. They have examined the social interactions by using the faces and attention as the main element in order to reason on the people’s attention which is aimed to recognize the social interactions among people. It is believed to provide a comprehensive framework for analyzing social interactions based on the patterns of attention (Fathi, Hodgins, & Rehg, 2012). Snyder and Stkas explained that the expectations in social interaction provide a paradigm for more general theoretical and empirical considerations of interpersonal processes and social relationships which are also fall under the
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