Mediation In Family Disputes

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Society is dynamic and this dynamic trend has touched each and every aspects including the very core elements of it.One much element is family.Family more basically comes from Marriage or we can say that Marriage gives birth to a family.
With the fast changing Society,family has also been hit by this stroke of change.Since the late 1980’s there has been a rise of family matter disputes in the court.This increasing figure has leaded to a judicial backlog and decimating these sharp numerical figures through normal court procedures was almost imposiible.The Court required something speedy and a strong structure to solve these disputes.Marriage in our Nation is regarded as a very pure and holy bond and not a contract.Therefore
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Justice S.K Gangele in an eloquent way articulated the fine character of Mediation to solve the family disputes-“It is a private and confidential mechanism, unlike courts which are open to the public. Mediation provides the best platform in divorce cases as it helps parties in arriving at a settlement peacefully.”
Matrimonial disputes are quite distinct from the other types of disputes.There are various factors that are present in the matrimonial disputes which is very complex and thereby making it very different from the rest.
When we are referring a matrimonial dispute to mediation, it is different from the normal commercial and property matter disputes. The presence of factors like sentiments, emotions, social factors, responsibilities, personal duties, the mindset of the parties regarding the marriage and life in general etc makes the matrimonial disputes distinct and different from

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