Mediation: Issues In Conflict

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Michal Yerushayalimu
CRS 760-GW1
Dr. Beverly Ross
Essay One: Mediation Plan
Parties Involved:
Bob (Employee)
Michal (Supervisor)
Mary (Employee)
Issues in Conflict: Bob who is an employee for Pinksters Industries as Senior Analysist is well known as the prankster of the office and has a tendency to throw jokes around that are inappropriate and are displayed as racial hatred towards African Americans in particular. After over hearing a conversation that bob was having with other employees in his department with him telling one of his jokes that were very highly insulting towards African Americans; I decided there needed to some form of mediation due to the complaints of his co-worker Mary whom works in the same department.
Plan for
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Explain to all parties involved that it makes the work day go a lot smoother when everyone working together in their respective departments within said company without the worry of discrimination at their workplace.

Steps and Procedures: The first step to the mediation process will be to setup a meeting time for all three parties involved to be given a chance to voice their opinions as to explain their views, values, and opinions about the current conflict. After hearing all sides then, a plan will be put in place and steps to be taken in the manner as described below:
1. Ensuring that all involved are aware that everyone is to be treated equally with the respect and dignity during the mediation process
2. When in the IT Department working at your station or on your breaks concerning hanging out with other co-workers to keep the jokes within the limits of derogatory statements towards any group of people or race which would result in demeaning their overall character at
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Have bob invite Mary to hear his jokes while everyone else listens to see if she finds them offensive or not, along with if she does the ability to voice them and without worry of lash back by bob himself.
If problems arise during the course of the mediation session regardless of who starts them or not, the meeting will come to a stop temporally until the individual who causes the problem can promise to conduct themselves in a respectful manner not just to the mediator but all involved in the session all together; even after being told this they still choose to disrupt the meeting then management will choose to deal with them on a disciplinary level outside of the meeting.
To avoid conflict when parties presenting their views on the current conflicting issue of obscene racially insulting jokes that bob tells, each individual will tell their side one on one with said mediator in a private setting then after doing so all parties will meet together to finish up the collected session of mediation. Lastly they will educate one another on the persecution or hurtful remarks of racial insults or slurs that can have a profound effect on a person’s work value and physiological health as
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