Occupational Therapy Case Study

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Michigan Department of Health and Human Services c./o Medicaid Administrator 121 Franklin Street, S.E. Suite 200 Grand Rapids, MI 49507 March 28, 2018 Dear Medicaid Administrator: I, Michaela Marks, am an Occupational Therapy Student working at the Western Michigan University Occupational Therapy Department in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The following letter is regarding our current client and provides in detail the medical necessity of the requested equipment. Introduction Lyle is a 37-year-old male who is currently receiving outpatient services at the Western Michigan University Occupational Therapy Department in Grand Rapids, MI. Lyle presented with a C5/6 spinal cord injury following an accident on his family’s trampoline. In addition…show more content…
He cannot use a cane or walker due to paralysis below the level of injury. Due to his upper extremity limitations, especially the permanent damage to the right wrist and hand, Lyle is unable to ambulate or propel a manual chair of any type. It is therefore recommended that Lyle be provided with a power wheelchair. A motorized wheelchair with tilt capabilities would provide him with optimal positioning and safety. The chair will provide him with appropriate positioning needs, as it will facilitate proper postural alignment and trunk…show more content…
A rear wheel drive chair would give Lyle access to being active outdoors again and assist in his capability to run outdoor gym class. The stand-up capabilities of a wheelchair would promote the client’s success in performing mobility-related ADLs (i.e. toileting, grooming, bathing). In addition, the ability to stand can increase the range of motion and prevent contractures more effectively then simply elevating the legs or

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