Medicaid Vs Medicare

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The comparison and contrast with Medicaid and Medicare. Medicaid and Medicare is two different government programs. Medicaid is for low income families or individuals paying for long-term medical expenses. These expenses are not paid by Medicare. Medicare is health insurance who are 65 or older, some younger people with disabilities are eligible for Medicare. These two programs were made to help with people who couldn’t afford medical bills.
What is Medicaid and Medicare? Medicaid is a Welfare program, which provides people with the help they need. Here are the services provided with Medicaid Inpatient Hospitals. Outpatient Pediatric and Family services Vaccines for childrenWho is eligible for Medicaid? Individuals or families with low
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They are both similar because there both government run companies. They both work together to help poor and the elderly. They both are insurance companies to help with low income, disabled or elderly 65 or older. They are different because Medicare provides for senior citizens or the disabled with medical benefits. Then there is Medicaid which is for families or individuals with no or low income they are both government run programs and they both were created in 1965. Then Medicaid provides health care for those who have little or no income. Also Medicaid pays for custodial care in nursing homes or at the individual’s house. Medicare does not. Another difference is Medicare is a federal program and Medicaid is and state and federal program. Medicaid is based on their needs and also there social welfare. The bills are paid by tax funds, federal and the state. Due to Medicaid being run by the government the eligibility might vary on what state you live in. Medicaid covers a broader spectrum of services other than Medicare does not. Medicaid benefits are paid directly to the provider of the services. Then there is Medicare which Is insurance for 65 or older individuals. Their insurance is covered even if they have good income. Everything Is not for free the do have to be able to pay stuff and they are required to pay monthly premiums health care service. Due to Medicare being a Federal run program the regulations are pretty much the…show more content…
They both sound the same. Doubtfully there both completely different things. One of the insurance companies help with the elderly or disabled. Then Medicaid helps with families with low or little income. They do have little similarities but mostly differences. You can’t just go up and sign up for neither one of these. You have to meet the requirements. Then you’ll be let known if you have met the requirements. These are very awesome help for people that need it. People that have it should be very thankful for being able to receive the help that the get. Because they’re some families out there that need help but they don’t get it. With that being said that is what Medicaid and Medicare is. You now know how there alike and how there
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