Medical And Environmental Electronic Devices Corporation Case Study

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Medical and Environmental Electronic Devices Corporation was found in 1959. Initially, it was involved in new applications in medical device technology where it expanded its vision to environmental control applications. With an already greater market share of 31% in 1979, MEED’s closest competitors had only 20% and 11% shares respectively. It has headquarters in Westland, Michigan where its services are extended into 21 countries approximately. MEED’s designed, manufactured, sells and also service’s complex medical and environmental control systems to keep up with the modern world and demand. MEED sold directly to major end users and provided some controls for OEMs and also provided equipment to smaller end users via global and worldwide force…show more content…
PROBLEMS FACED BY MEED’S CORPORATION • Lack of Human Resource Planning MEED was not following formal planning process. The common view among employees was that if things had worked out before without much long range planning, they would work out again. Human resource planning was the most critical problem faced as most of the positions were empty and one person was looking over two or more positions. Moreover there were some who argued that emphasis should be on meeting operating goals rather than identifying positions that needed filling and planning to get the right people into the place. There was no proper organizational chart that can maintain a proper chain of command • Lack of Job Description and Specification There was no properly defined job description and job specifications due to which there was either misunderstanding of jobs to be performed or either many important positions were left empty in the organization. Moreover, larger number of jobs were handled by a single employee hence it was difficult to distribute rewards. • Cultural

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