Medical And Social Models Of Disability

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This report will be based upon my research of the medical and social models of disability. The social model represents how people with disabilities feel they are an outcast in society because of how people treat them and see them. On the other hand, the medical model demonstrates how people believe that it is individualistic and that the person with the disability reinforces the fact their bodies may be different and this is what excludes them from society. (Moyne, 2012) In this report I will compare the differences along with the positives and negatives to each of the models.
Medical Model: The medical model is in place to focus on the individual and what care and support is required. Whether the disability be physical, intellectual
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Although a well-intentioned care system is on offer, it justifies institutionalisation which gives disabled people no control over their lives. It focuses on diagnosis and medication where prejudice and discrimination can be an issue. (McLeod, 2014) People with disability will be given less opportunities in life if they are related to a medical illness/disability. For example, an employer may not hire somebody who is related to a medical illness/disability as they may presume they will be giving the employee sick leave more often than work too complete (Models of Disabilty: Keys to Persepectives, n.d.). Rieser says ‘the person with the disability is the problem and if they cannot adapt into the environment then they should be shut away’ (Rieser, 2002). People within the medical profession have ‘a great deal of power and this gives them control over fundamental aspects of people's lives and they have not been noticeably reticent about using this power to make decisions about disabled people's lives’ (Rieser, 2002)

Social Model: ‘The social model of disability says that disability is caused by the way society is organised, rather than by a person’s impairment or difference. It looks at ways of removing barriers that restrict life choices for disabled people’ (, n.d.). When these barriers are removed, the people can integrate themselves into society and live to their fullest. These barriers include discrimination, labelling and emotional. Crow states the social model is an escape (Crow,

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