Medical Assistant Career Aspirations

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Ever since I was a little girl my dream was to grow up and be a doctor, and i still have that dream. My choice of major is Biology: Anatomy and Physiology to later go on to medical school and become an ER physician. I feel like I have always been push to be a doctor and that is why I just ended up really getting into it more and more as I grew older. I actually grew up with a variety of people in the medical field including my mother, which is when I truly realized that science and the human body fascinated me. I was ten when my mom decided to become a Medical Assistant (MA), and she would always take me to her classes with her and i remember I was just always so mesmerised by the idea of the human body. The courses I have to take are mainly courses that I need to fulfill graduation credits and the courses that are required for med school. The main courses are like…show more content…
I asked her what she had studying once and she told me that she had been a Biology major and was now a ER physician assistant.It is not the same career but it is in the same environment therefore i decided to ask her how it was like studying biology and then becoming an ER physician assistant. She said that Biology itself was not an easy class which I completely agree with her, but she said that she very much liked what she was doing. She explain to me that the job was very hectic but that it was as bad as most people make it seem, and she said that it was a thrilling environment to be in because it is never certain of what is going to happen. In conclusion, I have chosen this career path because it something that fascinates me and I just love understanding how the human body works and the many things that can happen to it if it is not well taken care of and my friend reassured me that this career was definitely what i want to
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