Medical Assistant Research Paper

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List and define five medical office specialist’s job titles and responsibilities Medical Office Assistant Define: Usually a certified person who work alongside the physician in an outpatient or ambulatory care setting. Discuss: This position entails administrative duties such as scheduling patient’s appointments, compile and record medical records, answer the telephone and direct staff. This person may also be cross trained in clinical duties such as drawing blood, assisting during the exam, and acting as a liaison between the patient and the physician. In this capacity, the MA may give and or explain instructions regarding medication or just help the patient feel at ease while in the office. Privacy Compliance Officer Define: Responsible for explaining HIPAA regulations to patients and family members which include living wills and DNR’s (Do-Not-Resuscitate). Discuss: This position is …show more content…

This person will monitor and communicate issues with reimbursements, denials, and overpayments in regards to the patient and or insurance companies. Insurance Verification Representative Define: Contacts insurance carriers to verify benefits for patients Discuss: This person verifies the type of benefits the patient has to cover medically necessary procedures. This allows the patient to know what the financial responsibility will be before the procedure is done. It also lets the practice know if part or all of the financial responsibility need to be taken care of up front. This is not only beneficial financially but the verifier also works on behalf of patient care by ensuring the patient get all benefits allowed for needed procedures. Communication skills are a definite asset in this position. Registered Health Information Technician Define: Ensures medical records are consistent with regulatory

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